Well, I did it!!

Okay, so I have been a poor blogger.  I guess the mindset for a while was, “no-one is looking at my blog except me” and I haven’t had anything published yet.  But, as they say, “Hindsight is a beautiful thing” because of course, it is everything you shouldn’t do when keeping a blog and it doesn’t matter whether I was published or not.  I do know that keeping a blog is a good marketing tool and that my thoughts, reflections, recollections are of value and who knows, someone could benefit from what I have written on that particular day.

This year has mainly been focusing on my writing projects which are many and I will be honest I have been watching some great TV, like, Outlander, Poldark, Homeland, Prisonbreak, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Transparent, Offspring and just recently the genius that is “The Handmaiden’s Tale”. I also watch a lot of Youtube, documentaries are a favourite on anything of interest as well as interviews with writers, old and new.  I always come away having learnt something valuable.  It is one of my favourite past-times.

Well I did it!!

My first published book now available on Amazon is a collection of free verse poetry called, “Times in My Life”. These poems have been written on the theme of “Time”. There are six chapters on lovely, inspirational, spiritual, confusing, hurtful and grieving times. I wrestle with the large questions of life, childhood, travel, self-image, being a single mum, nursing, changing careers midlife, empty nest, dealing with loss and grief and the rewards of living an authentic life.  I am currently working on a memoir, “Amelia and Me”, about my 22 year old cat and other furry friends of the family which is almost ready for publication and a novel called “Violet” on a 20th Century social worker who later becomes a social anthropologist and who also lives in a same-sex relationship. I am also working on my second poetry book and attempting my first children’s book. I am the happiest when writing stories and creating a world with words.

Now that my poetry book is available on Amazon, I am spending some time learning more about marketing and selling my book(s).  It is completely and utterly overwhelming but I am enjoying what I am learning which I know will lead me in good stead in my future as an author/poet.

Happy writing! Happy creating! Happy living!!

I promise I will not stay away so long this time.  Bright blessings


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