I was born in Adelaide, South Australia although felt reborn when I first went to India in 1992 which I will write about in a future blog.  I am an aspiring writer, poet, a proud mum of two adult children, a Masters graduate, retired Registered Nurse, a history buff especially on 18th, 19th, 20th-century women and a lover of a whole bunch of other things.

I graduated my  Master of Social Work Degree three years ago and  I have been unable to secure employment in my new field, so in between doing applications, I began to write to keep sane but it had also been a passion of mine for many years keeping diaries and jotting down my thoughts and ideas for future reference.  In 2014 I started my first major work, my autobiography which I initially started as a memoir.  It became a very cathartic exercise.  After having it edited and assessed by two professional writers, I decided to put it away for awhile as I wanted it to be better and knew I wanted to make it different.  In 2015 I registered with NaNoWriMon (National November Writing Month) to write my first historical novel, the target of 50,000 words was reached at the end of the month and I was proud of it.  I did another twenty thousand words and then decided to send to a few publishers and one publishing firm ask to see the full manuscript of it which I sent many months ago but still haven’t heard anything back.  I am thinking of rewriting some parts too as I am in no hurry to get it published and want it to be the best it can be.  NaNoWriMon is a great motivational tool and I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to write a book.  Refer to the link below.


During 2016,  I compiled and edited three separate souvenir books using the Elizabeth Woolcock theme, the first and only woman hanged and buried with no monument of stone at the Olde Adelaide Gaol, South Australia.  I believed she would have had notebooks of handwritten recipes, home and folk remedies and household hints.  These were picked up by the Olde Adelaide Gaol, museums and shops within the Cornish Triangle which refers to the land between the South Australian mining towns of Moonta, Wallaroo, and Kadina. It’s named after the thousands of Cornish who immigrated during the 1800s after their own mining industry collapsed.   Elizabeth lived in Moonta as a young woman before she was convicted of mercury poisoning her husband; to understand more about Elizabeth Woolcock’s tragic story and the many holes in the legal case which should not have had her charged let alone executed, read “Dead Woman Walking” by A. L. Peters (my father).  I wanted to not only bring light to her incredibly sad and moving story but to also build her up as to the person I am sure she was, a thinking, caring, imaginative person who did not deserve to die the way she did.  Near the end of the year, I had an idea of gathering 19th and 20th century newspaper clippings that sparked an interest, moved me and/or made me laugh.  It was initially going to be my last souvenir book for awhile so that I could concentrate on my other larger writing projects but what ended up happening is that I had gathered more than I really needed.  I have now been given approval by the museums that stock my other souvenir books to do two volumes which I have titled “Curious Clippings” – 1860-1900 and 1901-1930 which are now completed and selling well.

In September 2017 my first poetry book called “Times in my Life” A Collection of Free Verse poetry has been published and available to purchase on Amazon.

Please check it out especially if you are in the mood for reflection on your own times in your life as I cover everything from childhood, travel, self-image, empowerment, faith, being a single mum, nursing, midlife, grief, loss and empty nest.

On this site, I will share with you my journey, my aspirations and dreams of becoming a successful author and my many passions such as creative writing, literature, women’s history, anthropology, genealogy, herbalism and so much more.  I will also include links that I have found inspiring and my greatest hope is that you will leave feeling inspired and more mindful to do what you love…